Meet Odoo16

The latest release packed with new features



Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Credit Limit by Partner

Setup a credit limit per company and/or partner. When the total amount of open invoices for that partner reaches the specified limit, a warning on sale orders or customer invoices is displayed.

Accounting Firms Mode

Activate the Accounting Firms mode to access a Quick Total field and manual sequence editing to encode invoices quickly.

Storno Accounting

Use Negative debits and credits to reverse original accounting entries by activating the Storno Accounting

Sales and Purchase Journals Alerts

Get an alert on the dashboard when a Sales or Purchase Journal's sequence is not continuous

Financial Reports Debug

Use the financial reports' debug tool to analyze which accounts are potentially missing in the report definition


Added a new analytic widget on invoices to ease analytic distribution, analytic plans (replacing groups), and analytic distribution models. Break financial reports down. Analyze financial reports according to analytic accounts and/or plans. Mass edition of analytics allowed on List views.


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Pickings Deletion

Delete a product that was scanned but not part of an order

Scanning Packages

Filter transfers by scanning packages. Open a transfer by scanning a package or a transfer barcode on the list of transfers. Scan a package to know it content from the main menu

Serials and Lots

Serials and lots are now folded by default. Scrolling them when unfolded was improved. View the expiration date

User Assignation on Picking

Avoid having two persons doing the same operation by automatically assigning a user on a picking/batches as soon as this user changes quantities


View supplier reference on receipts

Packagings: Stock Moves

Set packagings during stock moves with the "+ package" button for even faster operations


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Inventory Adjustments

Added storage categories and last count date. A warning icon is now displayed next to duplicate serials. Added an "Apply All" byutton at the top of the screen and a filter for starred products

Replenishment: warehouse levels

When resupplying from other warehouses, view their available stock from the replenishment report vendor info

Force backorders

Decide if backorders are automatically created or not per operation type

Lots and Packages: GS1-128 barcodes

It is now possible to create GS1 labels for lots and serial numbers (containing product, lot/SN, expiration date and sell date) and SSCC GS1 labels ( containing packaging date and weight). Printing package content also prints datamatrix codes for all content ( including lot/SN, expiry dates, etc)

Reporting and menus    

Revamped all reporting. Move easily from one report to another. Reworked menus

Transfers: Done quantity

Easily edit the qiuantity done in trasnfer operations

Point of Sale

Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Coupons and Loyalty Cards

offer promotions, coupons, loyalty, and gift cards to customers. Track their usage across the Point of sale, Sales and eCommerce apps

Simplified interface

Many usability improvements over all screens of the POS to ease usage

Margins and cost visibility

Hide margins and costs information in the POS interface for all users but the POS supervisor


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Bill price matching

The cost is corrected when the bill price is different than the purchase order price

Call for tenders

Revamped call for tenders. Create alternative requests for quotations and compare them easily, globally or line per line. Creating a dedicated purchase agreement is not needed anymore

Purchase history

View the purchase history of a product on RfQs, helping to track its price

Receipt Status

Receipt status added on purchase orders. This status allows viewing at a glance if the products have been received, partially received, or not received. It also allows seeing if they were received on time


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Cancelled SO Confirmation

When canelling a sales order already sent to a customer, the user has to confirm the cancellation. There is also an option to email the customer

Delivery Status

Delivery status added on sales orders. This status allows viewing at a glance if the products have been delivered, partially delivered, or not delivered on time

Partner Pricelists

When chahging a partner's pricelist, a warning is displayed if there are open Sales Orders, including the website shopping cart

Cancelled SO/Invoice Payment

Prevent users from paying for a canceled sales order or invoice through a payment link

Coupons, Loyalty cards and eWallets

Offers promotions, coupons, loyalty, and gift cards to customers. Track their usage across the POS, Sales and eCommerce apps

Amazon Marketplaces

Ths Amazon connector now surrport all marletplaces including brand new ones


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Lead Analysis

View all leads you have assigned and how they are doing from a single reporting place

Link Opportunity

When creating a calendar invite from a lead, the resulting event is now linked to the lead.

Similar lead detection

Detect similar leads based on their phone numbers

Lost reason

Add a closing comment when an opportunity is marked as lost

Recurring revenue

Recuring revenue totals are displayed in the Kanban view's column headers

Reseller tracking

Track opportunities resellers (partners) are handling from their stat button and on the Kanban view


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo


Set approvers in sequential order

Inherited Rights

Users can see the requests they have to approve without specific access rights


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

360 Feedback Template

Improved the default survey template for 360 feedback

Appraisal Date

The default Appraisal Date is now based on the employee's contract start date. If none exists, the employee's creation date is used. Edit the appraisal date of multiple records at once


Full Article here: Odoo 16 Release Notes | Odoo

Extra Hours

When checking out, see the extra hours for the day and the total of extra hours only if the number is positive.

Kiosk Moed Authentication

Allows users to choose their authentication method in kiosk mode. Define the duration of the welcome message and which camera will be used for the barcode scan